Obama Care-Unconstitutional

Apr 04, 2019

Obama Care-Unconstitutional

“The Trump-Barr Department of Justice informed a federal appeals court that it agrees with Texas and the other states suing over Obamacare that President Donald Trump’s repealing of the individual mandate renders the entire law unconstitutional. And therefore, should be struck down in its entirety.

Breitbart 3-27-2019

Happy days could be here again. Prices would go down; people would have more options and those who could not  afford health insurance would now be able to get coverage tailored to their needs.

The mindless mountains of paperwork and the thousands of government employees required to administer Obama care plan would be reduced.  Insurance carriers would lose their entitlement to the Obamacare guaranteed profits and would once again have to compete based on competitive cost and superior coverages and services.  More insurance carriers would enter the marketplace which increases competition; reduces their profit margins and provide creative alternatives that are now prohibited by Obamacare.

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